Wednesday, March 19, 2014

About This.

If you're sniffing for gossip or meanness, here's why you won't catch it on this blog:

A. Despite my very best efforts, I've done plenty of sucky radio in the past, I'm probably doing some sucky radio now and I'll undoubtedly do some sucky radio in the future.  If there's any moral ground from which to insult other jocks or bring them down, I'm not standing on it.

B.  I know what it takes to hunt down and trap the skills, weather the stresses and endure in radio.  Anyone who's done it gets a chest thump and devil horns of respect from me. 

C. Brain stoplights. The brain stops on a dime for the negative, but it also needs to get back in gear to move on again.  Positives and green lights keep things in motion.  It's more fun that way.

I reserve the right to relate facts of the past if they serve a story, but just the facts, and no names attached if it would bring somebody down.  No thinly-veiled versions of names, either.

I also reserve the right to snark on TV writers with abandon.  They regularly fuck up great stories and everybody needs a target once in a while.

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