Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's International Story Day

What a great holiday.  Beats the crap out of International Happiness Day.  Celebrating International Story Day will not burden you with pressure to be happy, but stories will make you happy.

Stories are essential to human survival.  They are soothing or cathartic or instructive.  They are the tracks by which we can stalk the depths of the psyche, and the blades of the Great Processor, the human brain, make story-shaped marks on history and science and even mathematics.  The brain is not a passive recorder.  The brain processes information through story.

To quote one of my story heroes, Chuck Windig, on Twitter today, "Storytelling isn't about markets or trends. A day's worth of wordsmithy is about the You-Shaped Hole in the narrative. Walk through. Own it."

This is my own guiding story proverb, from Mary Oliver:

1. Pay attention
2. Be astonished
3. Tell about it

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