Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Women Don't Watch Glove and Boots

Well, I DO watch Glove and Boots.  I love Glove and Boots and when it's going to be on the air I'll talk about it.  I will tell my listeners to watch it. I'll probably pull clips from it to share.  It's great. 

It's also sexist.

Asking men in general to not be sexist is asking a lot.  Many men experience great struggle even empathizing with each other, much less the "alien" sex, and it wears them out quickly.  This does suck for women but we just live with it, because for the most part that's easier than trying to get them to even perceive the situation.

Also, in my experience a great many men are NOT sexist.  Nearly all the men I deal with on a regular basis are raging feminists.  In that setting many women, like me, will tend to drop the sword and just get on with the fun things in life.  This is probably incredibly lazy of us.

I think most women aren't watching Glove and Boots because they don't know about it yet.  I know many who would love it.  But I also know why Family Guy will always rate higher with me.

Family Guy is sexist.  It's also homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic.  It's violent.  It makes fun of disabled people.  It also makes fun of politicians, celebrities, eating disorders, animal cruelty, and even features a somewhat sympathetic pedophile.  These are not things I like.

But - Family Guy makes fun of men in a way that resonates with me.  It 's pretty much how I see the stupidest men, so I get my laughs in a way I rarely do on any other show.  Peter Griffin is the perfect stereotype of the immature, idiot male and I rarely see men being the brunt of jokes in that way so consistently.  Women who watch Family Guy are putting up with the usual sexism, but they are getting a lot more for it than usual-they get to see males skewered for pretty much the whole half hour.

If the lack of female demographic for Glove and Boots is due to any element of the show, it isn't because it's sexist - it's because it's a bit too male-sensitive.  For instance, using the word hag to describe an older woman is hilarious in the "Facts of Life" parody in Glove and Boot's "History of Television"...but Fafa might just think it's bullying to use the word fag.  

I'll be watching, though.

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