Thursday, April 17, 2014


I was voicing a spot this morning and realized why a certain recurring character has become so tedious to me every time she appears in a script, which is about twice a week.

She is a radio trope.

This female character is a product encyclopedia and she's just a tiny bit cunty about it. This character is a narrative device to get the information into the spot, and she usually does so with a cheeky put-down to the male in the scenario who's only crime is that he doesn't know what products the client carries or their address and hours of operation.

This morning I named her Vaginapedia.

Men loved that, but the women I consulted were a bit repulsed, as I was (I am frequently repulsed by my own ideas, which doesn't make them less funny to me).  My friend Joni suggested we shorten it to Vagipedia, which is much easier to swallow (sorry).

So I did the intellectual property check.  Funny Or Die seems to have attempted to Bogart every possible use of the term.

But they haven't used it as a character trope.  So I get to.

Hi!  I'm Vagipedia!  In the first two lines of this commercial you'll hear me posing questions that I will magically have the answers to, just a few seconds later.  ALL the answers!  The address, the phone number and everything that's GRRREAT about this client! And if I can get the male character to feel like an idiot in the process, so much the better! 

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