Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Learning Year

So, I signed up for David Farland's Story 101 course, The Story Puzzle.  And I am behind on homework.  Snowstorms, extra holiday shifts, etc., blahdy-blah, fuckmeI'mbehind.

My favorite podcast, "Writing Excuses" changed their format this year to "Writing Master Class". 

So now I'm taking two master classes simultaneously.

And I'm petrified.

I want this so badly that it makes my teeth ache and my heart jam against my ribs and my tear ducts scream.  I want to be an author so badly that I want to cry like an angry baby for it.

BUT doing the work for it is terrifying because What If I Put Everything Into It And I Fail Anyway, as I have so MANY things?

Anyway, back to my homework...

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