Wednesday, August 12, 2015


As we grind slowly to a halt on our full time gigs, I've heard several jocks say that they're "just cruising through" on their shows, doing "nothing" breaks, or "This-is-that-was" as we also call it, when a jock back sells a song just played and announces the next one with no added value-a travesty in radio.  Some people are feeling discouraged by the very act of doing a show that they soon will no longer have.

I'm experiencing the opposite feeling.

I'm relishing each break, wishing I had more time to really craft them (which is the problem with this gig-by overworking staff, under pressure, they are not getting the best product-but that's what Industrialists do) and I'm working even harder.  I want my last full-time weeks to be the best I can make them.  I want listeners to get the best I've got.  I want to enjoy the HECK out of my show.

I really love doing this.

I won't miss the pressure of being full-time, I realized with a thrill.  I won't miss the mid-week exhaustion from chronic lack of sleep.   I won't miss having to hang out for an hour just do do production while my animals have to wait to get breakfast and the cool prime-watering hours of the garden slip away.  But I love finding stuff to talk about and relate to and make jokes about, I love pulling bits off You Tube to punctuate those bits and I love learning from my own process as I go.

Weekends for this process will be perfect.  I should have decent material every weekend (I can get 15 breaks even from a slow week) and I'll have the energy and enthusiasm and rested brain to apply to it.

So I don't feel this is ending with a whimper...more like a relaxed coasting home...

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