Sunday, August 16, 2015

On Asking

There's much being made about the "art of asking" and crowd funding.  It works, because some people enjoy giving and others enjoy taking.

I've read a lot of metaphysical philosophy about it.  It's supposedly of great karmic benefit to the giver as well as the recipient.  Giving is a great thing to do, in metaphysical terms-and taking is as well.  And this entire living world is built on exchange, there's no doubt.

I don't believe in karmic debts or past lives.  I was raised to believe in earning your own way, in independence, in self-reliance.  So when I read a blog full of pictures of a great life and the author asks me to donate, or a successful podcast announces a European tour and then asks me to donate, my hackles go up.

I DO donate, plenty.  I've been tithing to Greenpeace for decades.  I make monthly donations through Patreon to one of my favorite writers in exchange for a monthly short story, and to the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast-David Barr Curtley isn't a world traveler and if he's recently bought a new truck that needs financing, he doesn't belabor his listeners with the brag.  He asks for donations to support the podcast and delivers excellent, top-quality work with illustrious guests, deep content and thoughtful, insightful and respectful exchanges.  He has earned my donation.

I suppose that's my age showing.  Self-respect, independence and even a living wage, the way I was raised, were earned.  Not donated.

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