Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do Overs

Despite the ear infection and sore throat, I was able to enjoy a nice epiphany this morning.

Call center jobs are fairly plentiful.

That's a revelation because I don't have to be on my feet, I can employ my dazzling charm and phone manner and compulsive attention to detail, and some of those jobs even pay 15 bucks an hour...which is only a dollar less than I made on the air.

This is called HOPE.

Starting with that kind of job, I can take Adobe N and other CompuSoft classes and others at Denver Free University and actually get to the business of starting over.

Nobody talks about the practical business of starting over in terms of sequence.  There is a sequence.  You don't pop the truck into fifth gear before putting the key in the ignition.  Wait-do people use keys now? Does manual transmission exist anymore?  My 14 year truck and I want to know...

When you start over, you start at the bottom.  This is the natural order of the universe, according to every flight of stairs outside of Hogwart's.  Starting over means starting from the beginning.  I need an entry level position, I need to do it well and then I need to move up from there.

It's just more stairs.

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