Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Clock and The Calendar

They're tyrants.

But they can be hacked into bits and laid out for their families to find. 

Dropping the George RRRRRRR Martin analogy, I'll just say that it helps to parse out your day when you're adrift in a darkling sea.  Set yourself a schedule. 

I like typing sites, because my typing has never been great and it's kind of soothing to practice.  I force myself to go to free computer learning sites to fill in my blanks; decades of radio saw me working on the air while the free computer labs were given by the various corps I worked for.  I did not have time to take the classes, so there are gaping maws in my fluency and I'm trying to patch them up.

This while I'm trying to be gentle with myself so I can heal right now.  And then, to a call center job.  I should try to find one that pays a little more.  But I'll take what I can get for now, after a few more weeks.  Once I've got a job my UI disappears, and why not ride on that while I can and get a good break before I'm back on the chain gang? 

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