Friday, August 22, 2014

The Magic Five Syllables

Reciprocation is a long word.

It's an under-practiced human virtue, too.

When someone lets you through in traffic and you wave thank you, when a friend calls to check on you when you're having a rough night and you make sure to find out how she is as well, when you return communications within a day or two, when you're on time, when you say thank you in return for a thank you, that's reciprocation.  It's magic.

Reciprocation is magic because it closes the loop.  When someone reaches out, you reach back.  The circle is drawn. Connections build new worlds, molecules, strength, sound waves, community, light, hope, DNA strands, words, sentences, meaning, safety, honor, healing.  Connections are the Legos of the living universe.

The circle is not created when a gift is not met with appreciation, when a kindness is not returned, when questions float in the ether unanswered.  These are mere reaching tendrils of potential that never find support.  

So many people float unsupported and unanswered, longing for connection.

Reciprocation is the magic trick.

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