Friday, May 30, 2014

A Hollaback

This is my response to a posting by the revered Mark Ramsey.  I didn't post it in the comments, because I love having a job: 

1989:  "Shut up and play the hits,"
1999:  "It's about the music,"
2009:  "Be a real human being,"

As long as I've been a jock, the value of a human on a microphone has been in question. 

Through all of these changes in the industry, humans on microphones continued to bring the humanity anyway.  We were told we were "just barking dogs" but we kept being real humans anyway.  We were told to keep it short because PPLs made consultants nervous, and we continued to speak in complete sentences and to finish our stories, crafted for listener satisfaction, anyway. 

While I appreciate such a unique posting that actually respects the craft rather than throwing sales-manufactured bullet points at us yet again, I'd still find it even more refreshing to read a comment about what jocks are doing right.  Right NOW. There are so many great air talents who don't need to be told how to be.

Since over a million people were jettisoned from the industry over the last couple of decades, the people who got to stay brought our very best game.  We kept the industry alive because you cannot take the human out of the human being.  As often as we were told to be something else, we continued  to be real.

And we worked like Boxer to make it happen.

It's nice that our humanity is finally approved of, but what Mark is doing here is demonstrating once again that the industry cannot accept humans as we are.  He is saying once again, in a different guise, that we need to change to measure up to his radio. 

In the guise of telling the humans to really be humans, he is telling the workhorses to REALLY BE HORSES.

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