Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spoilers and Triggers

I just saw this article come up on Twitter in Den of Geek.

A friend and I were discussing the possible future of a GoT character in normal, inside voices.  Since we'd both read the books, we were talking a season or two from now (I love the show as well).  A man from across the room (a decent, non-audible distance) interrupted our conversation to tell us we were rude because Spoilers.

He left his OWN space to interrupt us in OUR space.

I respect story lines from authors and would also protect their audiences from Spoilers, but if I'm in a private conversation, that's over the line.  Sometimes the sensitivity to Spoilers is extreme, and sometimes the power of waiting for a story to unfold is disrespected.  Generally I will tread carefully around Spoilers, just because I don't want to be a dick.


I would argue that Triggers are just as important.  Many Survivors got bashed in the head and heart and nervous system during last season's Downton Abbey, in part because the producers wanted the audience to get the full effect of the shocker, so there was a warning of "violence", but no Trigger warnings, which would only have been basic human decency concerning that plot turn.

This is one of those nebulous areas where only natural human decency is going to save us.  There is no other code. 

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