Saturday, October 3, 2015


When it came to a Plan B for radio, I dwelt between blind panic and false assurance.

"I'm not qualified for anything else!" I'd whine, but then when asked I'd reply that master control departments at Comcast and other TV companies like to hire on-air people because they understand basics of broadcasting that it's very difficult to teach people who may have degrees in communications, but have no experience with dead air and what that really means. So, without checking the landscape much, I relied on that idea-plus having a friend in the industry who would grease my entry.

As it turns out, jobs in master control are thin unless you speak Spanish.  Well, even those are thin.

But, there are lots of call center jobs.  Some even pay 15 bucks an hour, only a buck less than an hour that I'm making on the air.

I'm not qualified for those, but I have some qualifications that are quite good:

"Excellent spoken and written communication skills,"  It may be arrogant of me, but I feel pretty confident in those skills.

"Excel, Outlook, Word,"  AH-there I've got a part-time user's grasp.  I had to learn what I could on my own as I went.  I missed all the classes in the last 20 years because they all were held while I was on the air.  So it's time to do some serious catching up.

Also, typing.  I'm well beyond hunt and peck, but not advanced. I need to be advanced if I want a job.

So I take Excel tutorials on line, I will practice when I get to work today, and I also practice my typing several times a day.  40 wpm, with high accuracy, will give me a lot of confidence.

At least I've got goals for the real world.  That's kind of exciting and it's kind of fun. 

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