Sunday, August 2, 2015


Watching TV on mute is amazing.

The preacher with his book is raging and pleading and bleeding for commiseration, he's pounding, he's resounding, he's clearly baffled by a world in which his book has so little power.  He cannot believe the evil around him.  He clings to his book, hating the world, and will go down with the book.

The celebrity is reveling in hir new show.  Shim has a New Reason to be Someone, and loves the glamour, but does not expect us to just love hir for the glamour.  Shim has decided that shim is now "The Icon for the Trans community"-and so is both glamorous and important.  Shim needs to hear this a lot.

The action star is serious, and surrounded by supporting players who can out-act him with one acting hand tied behind their backs.  But it makes the action star more believable.

The sportswives are working very hard at pretending that the camera is not there, and dying to fix their makeup just one more time.

The music star has rehearsed every hair flip and fish-face gape.  She is leaving nothing to chance or art.

The fighter contains herself; she is made-up and coiffed and wants to be poised for the camera.  But then, there she is in the ring and she does not care about the camera, she is a perfect killing machine, perfect as a lioness.  No move is wasted.  She brings her prey down.  Cut back to the interview and the fighter is staying in the frame, as if she were balancing on a very small platform-and for her, it is.

The comedy is full of screaming.

And now I want to watch Penny Dreadful again.  Sound back on.

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