Saturday, August 15, 2015

Penny Dreadful Predictions (and SPOILERS)

1.  Victor will recover from his drug habit, meet a nice girl, fall in love and get engaged.  Then he'll find out the creature is on a rampage in the frozen north and go after him.  He will barely escape with his life and return to his fiance, running to some country retreat, where the monster will find him and kill his bride, then him, then weep and destroy himself.  There's still so much to the story of Frankenstein they may even be able to get two seasons out of it.

2.  Lilly and Dorian will eventually come to the attention of the authorities and suspicion and drama will ensue.  Lilly also might meet one Dr. Jekyll.  Debauchery, terror, murder.

3.  Vanessa will wander again to the catacombs under the train station to serve homeless people, but might wander off one night and end up under a theater, there to meet a man some call The Phantom.

But also God is dead for Vanessa now, so she'll go in search of answers.  Some other spiritualist stuff?  Spirit cults?  Spiritualism?  Or will she travel herself?  Follow Ethan to America when she finds out what happened to him?  Or will she meet a skeptic who's also an illusionist?

4.  Speaking of Ethan, does his father have him in a kind of imprisonment?  Does he run away, maybe get captured by Comanche who want revenge?  Or will a shaman help him control the Wolf?

5.  Sir Malcolm might meet zombies?  Bring back a curse from Africa?  Or maybe a WIFE?

6.  Will a ship crash on the coast, her crew with their throats torn out, her only cargo boxes of Transylvanian dirt?

7.  Will there be an airship journey with a giant kracken?

8.  How about a poet from Baltimore who opens up a hotel called Usher?

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